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Wingsurfing lessons

Want to learn wingfishing in a very effective way and no experience with foiling yet? Then book a private lesson in wingsurfing first. This is possible 1 to 1, 1 to 2 or 1 to 3. After this wingsurfing lesson you can opt for an additional wingsurfing lesson a wingfoil lesson. The surfboard is then replaced by a foil. Then the flying can begin! All under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Benefits of a wingsurfing lesson at Sup and Surf Nijmegen:

  • One-on-one attention
  • Experienced instructors
  • Lesson continues only when wind is good
  • Customized lessons

Structure of the lesson:

We always try to adapt the lessons to the client’s level. So sometimes we walk through a lesson faster or take longer on a topic. After a brief explanation of wind directions, the wing and materials, we quickly hit the water. Topics such as balance on the board, foot placement, agility with the wing are all covered. If the back and forth sailing goes well then we will move on to the more specific technique of wingfishing.


We are starting at 2 locations. The lent lake and the Kraaijenberg lakes.
Both locations are ideal for wingfishing. The Kraaijenberg lakes is known for its size. Long stretches of sailing and steady wind is what the Kraaijenbergseplas is known for. The Lent lake is ideal to start the lake is big but not too big. The wind is reliably easier to read and it is more organized. But certainly for those of us with more experience, there is more than enough challenge here. So ideal!

Price & class duration:

-1 person: €99.
-2 persons: €69,- p.p.
-3 persons: €59,- p.p.
-After changing you go on the water for 90 minutes

Prices include all materials and experienced enthusiastic instructor!

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