Direct boeken

The city location and sister company of Sup & Surf Nijmegen. Because we operate in 2 locations, we can combine very cool water activities and land activities. Check out the website soon for inspiration about our city location & e-choppers.

Bodhi Yogashala provides Sup-Yoga classes at Sup & Surf Nijmegen. One of our guests’ favorite activity. A uniquely relaxing experience.

Moeke and Sup & Surf Nijmegen have had a very nice partnership for a long time. Our venue is on the same property and the combination of water activity and delicious food/ drinks is a perfect fit for our guests.

The Kettlebell Club provides Sup-Bootcamp classes on Sunday mornings at Sup & Surf Nijmegen. Definitely worth joining this cool activity once!

Nyma Tours organizes combined guide tours for both Sup & Surf and Hop & Go. A super fun collaboration with a very nice company. Highly recommended!

The partnership with physio Delsink is just getting started. But there are lots of cool things in the pipeline. Soon more…

Together with Padel club Nijmegen we provide our cool group option E-chopper & Padel clinic. A very nice package for a half or hell day filling program.

Mindful compass provides the Sup-Mindful at Sup & Surf Nijmegen. A super soothing and special activity.