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Windsurfing in Arnhem & Nijmegen

Enjoying a day on the water? Then you’ve come to the right place. With us you can choose fun activities on the water such as wingfoiling, supping & windsurfing. We have several locations where you can follow this ass. On the lentse plas, Mookerplas, Spiegelwaal and kraaijenbergse plas. Our regular spot is the Lentse plas between Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Have you never windsurfed or wingfoiled before? Then you can join us for an introductory group lesson with all the tips and tricks about windsurfing and wingfishing. This is suitable for every age from young to old. You can also take courses on windsurfing with us. These are 4 lessons of 90 minutes long in small groups. Of course, it is also possible to rent windsurfing equipment from us. Come to the nicest spot of Arnhem & Nijmegen and surroundings.

For all activities, we provide the materials. Consider a wetsuit, surfboard, surf sail, water shoes. Bring a clean set of clothes & a towel for yourself.

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Windsurfing in and around Nijmegen/Arnhem

Our windsurfing activities

You can choose from one of our activities below. For more info or a suitable proposal feel free to contact us.

Windsurfing group lesson

Learn to windsurf in a small group on the lentse plas (between Arnhem & Nijmegen)? With a group class, you can flexibly schedule individual lessons at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Price: €50 per lesson
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Includes required materials
  • Maximum of 4 people per group
  • Many scheduling options
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Windsurfing course

Windsurfing is not something you learn in a day. Get the most out of it and learn the complete basics of windsurfing with this windsurfing course.

  • 4 lessons of 90 minutes
  • Windsurfing equipment and wetsuit included
  • Small groups (max 4 people)
  • From 12 years of age (younger than 12? then check out surf camp or private lessons)
  • €199 per person
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Windsurfing private lesson

Want to learn to windsurf in a very effective way? Then book a private lesson in windsurfing. This is possible 1 to 1, 1 to 2 or 1 to 3. Depending on how many people you want to take the class with.

  • One-on-one attention
  • Customized lessons
  • Materials included
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • 1 person: €99.
  • 2 persons: €69,- p.p.
  • 3 people: €59 p.p.
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Windsurfing Technique Lesson

Want to brush up on technique, learn fat moves or learn to sail with trapeze. During the technique class, windsurfers come together to connect the dots. Can you already surf and want to learn something new come take a technique class at Sup & Surf Nijmegen.

  • Lesson duration 90 min
  • Windsurfing materials and wetsuit included
  • In consultation with instructor, class will be assigned
  • Max 4 people
  • Price: €50, – p.p.
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Windsurf rental

Can you already windsurf and want to use our materials? You certainly can! Rent a complete set and enjoy freedom on the water. The windsurfing set is easy to reserve through our booking system. With a wide range of breaking options, your desired time is always included.

  • We make sure everything is ready.
  • We clean up everything for you.
  • Includes: windsurfing kit, wetsuit and (optional) shoes.
  • 1.5 hours: €30.
  • 3 hours: €50.
  • Annual pass: €375.
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Windsurfing Large Groups

How fun when you can get out on the water with a large group at the same time. We can teach groups of up to 20 people to windsurf. Groups larger than 20 prs ask for options. Always wanted to windsurf sometime?

  • Lesson duration depending on group size +/- 2-3 hours
  • Windsurfing equipment and wetsuit included
  • 1 instructor for every 5 participants
  • From 12 years of age (younger than 12? View surf camp or private options)
  • Price 1-10 prs : €50,- p.p.
  • Price 10-20 prs: €40,- p.p.
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SUP & SURF camp

3 days of surfing for kids 9 years of age or older! A crazy water sports camp with (new) friends, fun activities and lots of adventure!

Learn supping & windsurfing in 3 days and have fun with many more cool activities! Each day we start at 10:00 am and close the day at 4:00 pm. The price includes food, drinks, snacks and materials.

Date: July 18 to 20, 2023 (for ages 9 and up)
Location: Lent Lake
cost: €249.95 p.p.

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Sup & Surf kamp - Sup & Surf nijmegen


On the ponds of Nijmegen

Our locations.

At SUP & SURF Nijmegen you can go windsurfing for years! From children to parents, beginners to re-entrants. At SUP & SURF Nijmegen, you’ve come to the right place! We offer our windsurfing lessons with an eye on personal attention. This means that our group classes are offered with a maximum of 4 people per instructor.

All our windsurfing activities are done on the Lentse plas (between Arnhem & Nijmegen) and Kraaijenbergse plassen. Use our simple booking system to check availability and easily book your class online! Prefer to look for something not on the water? Then check out our sister company Hop & Go Nijmegen. For the coolest E-chopper tours and land activities.

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