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Windsurfing course

Learn to windsurf with our windsurfing course in 4 1.5-hour lessons! After this course from Sup and Surf Nijmegen, you will be able to go on the water completely independently. After this course, you can rent equipment from us in any weather or buy your own windsurfing kit.

Benefits Windsurfing Course:

  • Top location to learn windsurfing!
  • Windsurfing materials and wetsuit included
  • Learn the complete basics of windsurfing in 4 lessons
  • Small groups (max 4 prs)
  • Experienced & enthusiastic instructors

What do we cover during the windsurfing course:

  • Material knowledge
  • Introduction to windsurfing
  • Wind & weather orientation
  • Sailing back and forth
  • Turning techniques
  • Keeping high
  • And much more…

What other options do I have:

Price: €200.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know

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What is included in the class?

Wetsuits, water shoes, windsurfing equipment & an enthusiastic instructor. In short, we take care of everything for you.

Should I schedule all 4 classes right away?

This is allowed but not required. When booking, schedule your first lesson. After that, you can choose to schedule your other 3 classes already or keep them open for a while.

What should I bring myself?

Swimwear (your wetsuit goes over this), clothes for afterwards, a towel, sunscreen & a broad smile.

How do I change my class? And what if there is no wind?

Fortunately, our classes can almost always continue. Our wide variety of sails allows us to grab a bigger sail with less wind. Still, there are times when it is windless. In this case, we will contact you to schedule a new appointment. So we never teach if the wind does not allow for windsurfing. If you are unable to attend, you can change lessons by calling 0247820999 or sending an email to [email protected]. We would like to hear about this 48 hours in advance.

The Options that are open do not suit my needs, now what?

Fortunately, a lot of options are open. All options can be seen when you click through on the book now button. If it does happen that none of the options work out you can always give us a call at 0247820999. Together we will then look at another possibility.

I have booked, when will I know if the class will take place?

In 9/10 cases, the class can go on nicely. The night before your class begins (Often 24 hours in advance) you will receive a final Go-No go email. This contains the latest information you need to make it a crazy class.

Where can I change clothes?

At our beach location on the lent lake, we have a changing container you can use. There is also a public restroom where you can refresh yourself.