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Surf Camp

Learn supping & windsurfing in 3 days and have fun with many more cool activities!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have already spent some hours on the board, because with this surf camp you will learn at your own level! This is done under the guidance of professional instructors, who can’t get off the water themselves!

Even if there is no wind for a while, you certainly won’t be bored. We will teach you supping, will do lots of cool games on the water but also on land. We make sure there is a cool program ready to go every day.

The surf camps are organized for children as young as 9 years old.

Date: July 18 to 20, 2023 (for ages 9 and up)
Time: 10:00-16:00
Location: Lent Lake
cost: €249.95 p.p.
Includes: Food and drink

Surf Camp Booking